I have been waiting all my life for a hardcore band that can deliver a dose of melodic hardcore that truly delivers. With raw vocals and melodic hardcore guitars, this album will leave you bleeding on the floor grasping for life. Before we jump into comparing this band to every other screaming hardcore crazy, wanna be scene band I just want to say the production on this record is mind blowing. You don’t really ever hear many real drumbeats anymore, but this record breaks actually have a real person sitting in the drum seat. The biggest thing that really brings this generic sounding band to the next level is the pure rage you feel when blasting thru the CD from start to finish. Might I add the cover art is neat and I really like the art inside as well. I appreciate these sorts of things. Oh and read the lyrics, they are amazing as well. Here is a sample lyric that spoke to me.

“Self timed and tranquilized. Placement service for a stationary clock. We keep living through the same day. Waking up to fall back asleep. Empty vessel under watch and key. Sleeper cell.”

Note worthy tracks include Her Article and Hauling Sharp. (My favorites anyways)

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