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How Many Acres is a Horse Race Track?

If you have never seen a horse run at full speed prior to this stage of your life, suffice it to say that you have missed out on one of life’s greatest wonders without a shadow of a doubt. That’s because horses can run at speeds that human beings can only ever dream of attaining. The fastest that we can run is about ten to fifteen miles an hour, and that only goes for the absolute fittest members of our species at this current point in time. Horses, on the other hand, can easily cross the fifty mile an hour mark, so watching them race is most certainly a sight for sore eyes.

One thing that can help put the scale of horse racing into perspective is how big the race track at might happen to be. It depends on how long the track is, with a half mile track likely being around seventeen and one half acres in size. This is an area measurement so a mile long track will not be twice the size, but rather it would come up to about fifty five acres.

As a result of the fact that this is the case, it might be best if you went to the fifty five acre variant due to the reason that mile tracks usually create more compelling races. The longer the race course is, the more strategy would come into play. Hence, it would be less about the brute strength or force of a horse and more about how good its rider is. That adds a new layer of enjoyment to the sport which makes it more fun to watch too.

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