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Lesser Known Facts About Business Cards

Almost everyone carries a business card in his wallet these days. Business cards have been used by businesses for networking and advertisement purposes for many years. However, despite their widespread fame, many people still do not know lots of things about business cards.

There are many things about business cards you must know. Millions of business cards are printed every day. This highlights the importance of these cards for businesses.

Knowing important things about business cards can help you make your own business cards effective. Therefore, here are some lesser known facts about business cards.

Many Materials Can Be Used to Make Business Cards

While a majority of business cards is made from paper, there are many other materials which can be used to make these cards. Materials like wood, plastic and metal is used to make luxurious cards like Black Metal Kards. These cards are mostly made from recyclable materials.

Every different material used to make business cards has its own benefits and drawbacks. For example, paper business cards are cheaper, but they last for a very short period of time. And the other hand, metal business cards are sturdy, but they cost a bit more money.

Business Cards Can Decide The Fate of Your Business

Business cards can literally decide the fate of your business. That is because many businesses rely on business cards for their marketing and networking needs. Almost 75% of people build their impression about a business by looking at the quality of their business cards.

So, always make high quality business cards to increase your sales and scale your business in the long run.

Using The Right Colors is Very Important

Business cards remind the receiver of your business, and that’s why they work great for your business whenever a person need to do business with you.

You should always choose the right color combination to display on your business card. Utilize your business theme to make it unique and customized for your business.

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