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Watching Hamilton at Home, The Pros And Cons

People love Hamilton musical for various different reasons. Some love it for the music, some for acting, lyrics, and others for rap. No matter what quality of Hamilton makes you love it, the best way to enjoy the show is visiting the Broadway in person and sitting in front of the stage to watch everything happen before your eyes.

However, you might be too busy to stand in lines to buy Hamilton tickets and then site for hours to watch the show. This is where the “Home” version of Hamilton comes in. It is a simple recorded version of the show which you can buy and see at home like a movie.

Here are the pros and cons of watching Hamilton at home.

It is More Affordable

One of the biggest barriers to watch Hamilton is its rarity and high price of tickets. This is made worse by the fact that Hamilton is usually booked months in advance. So, it might not be so accessible for everyone looking to enjoy the show quickly.

However, this is where Disney+ comes it. For only $7 a month, you can get access to the Hamilton musical’s recorded version, along with tons of popular movies and TV shows. On the other hand, the best tickets to the Hamilton musical can cost you as much as $850 a piece. However, this does not necessarily mean that tickets are always that expensive. So keep checking for cheap tickets.

But The Camera Angles Aren’t Great

While camera angles are usually great in the recording of Hamilton musical, they are still limiting for the audience watching the show at home. One of the biggest disadvantages of watching Hamilton at home is that you cannot view the whole stage at once, and will be restricted to only the areas recorded by the camera.

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