Which Restaurant in Southern Maryland Has a Great Thanksgiving Feast

Restaurants are operating at their full capacity at the time of thanksgiving, this is that time of the year where everyone wants to be with the their family and cherish those moments and there is a festive atmosphere, while a traditional roast turkey at home is amazing, a memorable dinner at the best local restaurant is something that many opt for as well, and when a state has endless amazing options like Maryland does then it becomes a treat for everyone, best restaurants in SOMD offer something for everyone, whether you classic American food which is available across the country or you want to try something else like Mediterranean or Italian you wouldn’t find any shortage of some great feasting options here, my personal favorite is Italian and there are some amazing options here.

For a classic fine dining experience you can head to Charles Street Brasserie which is located in Solomons and guess what it is the place to go if you’re taking someone out on a date, this restaurant was ranked as the best romantic restaurant in 2020 in Maryland by restaurant guru, and that’s not it because if you are after sunset views with amazing sea food then the pier restaurant is the place to be at, you’ll find plenty of great seafood restaurants here and it is surely one option which ranks high in the charts and some seasoned seafood enthusiasts have reviewed and ranked these restaurants, so you are not going to get disappointed when having sea food at The Pier or at The Island Hideaway.

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