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* Do you know what DNSSEC is?

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The security of DNS is a crucial part, and it should not be neglected. With DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extension), you are able to provide an extra security layer to your domains.

When you start using DNSSEC, a combination of public and private keys is generated for your DNS zone to sign data and verify the authoritative server.

  • The public key - It is located in the zone, and it is visible publicly. It is presented as DS records or DNSKEY records.
  • The private key - The owner of the domain uses it to sign the data in the zone.

Every time a user makes a request, it sends data signed with its private key. Then the recipient has to unlock it with the public key. If someone tries to send misleading data, it won’t be able to unlock appropriately with the public key, so the recipient will identify that the data is false.
It protects users against DNS spoofing and avoids redirects to malicious websites.

If you desire to learn more about this topic, we suggest you explore the following page with more information about DNSSEC!